Water Conservation

Understand the need to conserve the water resources

The entire world is facing the problem of water crisis that is seriously affecting the production and living conditions, putting at risk the poverty reduction and sustainable development, specifically in poor countries of the world. The increasing number of countries will face the water scarcity and failing water quality will soon become critical factors limiting national economic development, growth of food production and provision of basic health and hygiene services to the population. In these countries limited water resources are managed in a poor manner that leads to inefficient use and increases the water crisis. The water crisis is mostly faced by the poor and marginalized group of society. At the same time these groups have limited ways that can help them in making better their situation through better management of the resources. The areas that have poor management of the resources have really affected the social economic activities of that place.

Know how you can prevent the water from getting diminished

Some of the issues related to poor water resources management are:

  1. Limitation of awareness and priority in political level
  2. Local government lacks the capacity to manage water resources.
  3. The pricing structure is not appropriate
  4. Investment in water sector is low
  5. Lack of information
  6. Institutional framework is rooted in centralized culture

This issue poses such challenges as

  1. Fulfilling the needs of basic water supply in the society
  2. Risk management, conserving and protection of eco system
  3. Protect the adequate food supply

What would be your answer if someone asks you that if all the water resources dry up then what would be the future of our world? At such point of time there is no way to produce the synthetic water, so if all the water dried up then not any type of life would be able to sustain. Water is considered to be the important element of any living thing. As we humans are said to be the superior species but if there would be no water then we will be said the lowliest of creatures. Therefore it is highly essential that we should preserve the fresh water that we have by preventing all manner of pollution from polluting it.

As the fresh water resources are declining so it should be the main concern for every country in the world. We all have to put our hands together to deal with this problem if we do not want are children and grandchildren to face the problems in future. One cannot eliminate the pollution completely but if every individual contributes their part then it can be cut down drastically. Most of the safeguards are illogical but it is important that we should think carefully about what we are doing so that no pollution is getting caused.