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About: Vladislav Davidzon

Vladislav Davidzon is the CEO of the Regenerative Leadership Institute, the nation’s sustainable living school. He is an Environmentalist and Entrepreneur, well known for influencing the world of green living. He is a social change entrepreneur with a range of experience in small business development.

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Graduate in philosophy from University of Michigan – Dearborn, he started his first start up ThinkHost; this was the world’s first carbon-neutral web hosting company. He founded ThinkHost, Inc in January 1999 and also run Vladislav Davidzon and Associates in same year. Since then he is a senior partner at Vladislav Davidzon and Associates. ThinkHost in May 2009 took over by DreamHost; meanwhile in November 2004 he started Regenerative Leadership Institute. Now he is solely looking over this institute.

He is dedicated to focus on Green Energy so his work is more emphasized on Proper water use, Water management, Bio systems, Sustainable energy. So his words about this are “it is far more powerful to create the world that we want than to protect. Quietly showing new paths and creating new social structures is far more powerful than yelling loudly that present way is wrong”.

He possess lots of skills like leadership, business management, he is having political/social influence in the world of green energy, specifically permaculture, sustainability, and the science of forming social communities. He believes in working for strong purpose. Thus at present he is working for sustainability and clean green earth.

Vladislav Davidzon at Regenerative Leadership Institute

Vladislav Davidzon started Regenerative Leadership Institute in 2004 The program integrates the patterns of traditional rites of passage with coaching, leadership development, permaculture, deep ecology, meditation, non-violent/compassionate communication, spiral dynamics and much more.

He is having exceptionally well track record, and he is ready to continue business for strong purpose.